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I always want eyes….

(Art play with water-soluble Stabilo and Inktense pencils)


The Blessing of Beauty

I always want eyes

To see the beauty of the world,

And to praise this wondrous beauty

That is without exception,

And to praise the One who did it,

So beautifully, fully to praise the fully, so full of beauty


Natan Zach



During the first hour of my stay at Serenbe, we came face to face through the screen on the back porch.


From that moment on we became friends???   She magically appeared whenever we went for walks, grazing in the grass nearby, bantering to herself or frolicking with a sibling.  Then she gradually came closer, first a blur of white galloping across our path, then just a few steps ahead of us and suddenly quietly standing close by my side chewing on grass, even stepping on my toe.




I remember looking at her wide set bulbous eyes and long narrow snout thinking, “what an odd alien face”, but as time went by, I began to observe her long graceful neck, the feathered  white hair that swirled on the top of her head and she became adorable, mischievous, even beautiful.


“For us, the winds do blow,

The earth doth rest, heaven move, and fountains flow;

Nothing we see, but means our good,

As our delight, or as our treasure;

The whole is either our cupboard of food,

Or cabinet of pleasure.”

…..George Hubert

Sacred Life Sunday: Blessings






Bless the fingers,

for they are as darting as fire.

Bless the little hairs of the body,

for they are softer than grass.




Bless the hips

for they are cunning beyond all other machinery.

Bless the mouth

for it is the describer

Bless the tongue for

it is the maker of words.




Bless the eyes 

for they are the gifts of the angels,

for they tell the truth





Bless the shoulders for they are a strength and a shelter

Bless the thumb

for when working it has godly grip.

Bless the feet 

for their knuckles and their modesty






Bless the spine

for it is the whole story.




……....Mary Oliver