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I always want eyes….

(Art play with water-soluble Stabilo and Inktense pencils)


The Blessing of Beauty

I always want eyes

To see the beauty of the world,

And to praise this wondrous beauty

That is without exception,

And to praise the One who did it,

So beautifully, fully to praise the fully, so full of beauty


Natan Zach


Shadow and Light

Self Portrait in Charcoal and Pitt Pastels

Half of us in light

Half of us in dark

Our “knowing” brain tries its best to fill in the missing parts.

Using only 10% of our brains, the other 90% of our abilities remain hidden-our full illumination


Where do we come from?

Where are we going?


The Treasure House

“When creativity awakens, we discover that nothing is truly complete or closed in life.   The deeper we attend to the soul, the more we realize what a treasure-house we have inherited……..John O’Donohue

Class began today!

First Class Assignment:  Self portrait in charcoal

I also just wanted to say,

“Thank you”

for the wonderful comments I received on the sketches from my previous post.

Right now, this “drawing thing” is making me very happy.  Life could not be sweeter….

9 Days

“It’s impossible to look at something too closely or too often; you always see something more.  Everything changes: I experience the wonderful surprise of discovering something utterly new…..Willam Berra

“I learn more about myself from my sketching and painting than from my thinking.  Something will appear that I would not have been able to put into words”….Linda Leslie

…..”Sketchbook Confidential” (Secrets from the private sketches of over 40 master artists) by Pamela Wissman and Stefanie Lanfersweiler

Since last year’s portrait drawing class, I look more deeply at the faces of my acquaintances and loved ones , with a view to curves and planes how deeply the eyes set into the face, discreet and subtle birthmarks.   It’s a comfort to know that one can never look too deeply at anything. It is true: you always see something more and things are always changing.

I do know that regardless of the results, I walk away from the drawing table feeling as though something has loosened itself from my grip, something good has happened even if it is not easy to explain.  I keep the small graph papered notebook in my purse and pull it out in idle moments.  I keep notes on the learning process of drawing-what went right,  what went wrong and any insights gained on re-occuring problems I encounter in creating a 3 dimensional vision on a flat page…..practice practice practice.  Walking along the path, I find that everything is food for the path.

In 9 more days as the cold weather sets in, Misty Mawn’s online art class begins: Stretching Within. Last year the focus was on seeing the outside world more clearly.  This year the eyes turn inward as this class will cover  usage of diverse mediums: drawing painting, photojournaling and collage.  Can’t wait for it to begin.

Deep in this mountain

is an old pond

Deep or shallow

It’s bottom has never been seen

“Whether we’re speaking of art, religion, or life, there are always apparent edges beyond which we cannot see.  As Master Dogen says, the limits of the knowable are unknowable.  The process remains open.  There is an element of trust that must be functioning, a trust that when the foot is thrust forward to take the next step, it will find solid ground.  There is always a little bit further than can be seen. “

………………………………John Daido Loori

I had many reservations about taking Misty’s Portrait Drawing class.   My biggest enemy and resistance came from my own inner thoughts, but through dharma teachings I’ve learned to ask certain questions about my thoughts:  Are they truthful?  Are they kind?  Are they useful? etc.  If there is a negative answer to any of those questions, I then know it’s time to move on.    Each assignment in class is like taking a step in the dark.  I’m not sure of my footing; however, I have found that if I make the effort to move forward, I will gain the ability to see a little bit further down the road.

I never thought I could produce a drawing like this.  So you see, some thoughts are a source of simple falsehood.  There are many dark edges in life we must travel beyond.  This one is gentle training for larger things unforeseen.  Life is an open ended process.  Challenge yourself to grow and expand in any way you see fit.  Trust that there will be solid ground beneath your feet.