Yokoo: A Fiber Artist Profile

Yokoo is an Atlanta-based fiber artist that gets up at the crack of dawn, because that is when the world is quiet and full of dream-like drama.  Immediately it seems apparent that she works as hard on her craft as she does on creating an authentic way of being in the world. There is one thing she said that resonated with me quite strongly: (paraphrase) ” The world we live in is rough and we need to create a sub-world as a place of protection”…..and there you have it:  The Fifth Wondrous Place.  The fifth wondrous place is one of 8 places of protection in Buddhist mythology.  It is a place where we let our life force bloom and come to a better understanding of the human world.  I hope you enjoy this artist profile as much as I did.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4462181&dest=-1]


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