One Thing Well Done….

…..”hope is healing and generosity is healing






these are healing

and dreams are healing visions, sacred songs, dances, inspired drawing

the awe and wonder we feel,

and art is healing need I say it? – endless burgeoning diversity,

the loveliness of one thing well done, with great care, and boldness too……

…..Buddhist Prayer


Pattern: Swallow Tail Shawl by Evelyn Clark

Yarn: Laceweight Raw Silk Tsumugi by Habu Textiles

Needles: Size 5

Modifications:  Rumor has it that the sizing is a bit too small.  Adding an additional 5 rows to the center repeats for a larger  final measurement.

Recipient: Aunt Effie -a knitting prayer of hope comfort and healing


“May whatever is healing, touch whatever needs healing”


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