Saturday Shade

Resigned to a day at home, I picked up my knitting needles……no knitting today.   I picked up the drawing pad……no drawing today.  I picked up a new copy of American Artist Drawing….read 2 paragraphs before falling asleep.

I usually get angry with myself at times like this and fall into a depression or plow through the fatigue only to feel worse; but maybe I’m finally learning how to be a kinder gentler host in this body.   The day wasn’t going to be how I planned it to be, so I let go of my plans.  Letting go is for making room.   The sun made its arc over the roof of the house  streaming  a soft angle of gold light on the keyboards as I typed this post-gold on the edge of the hutch door and gold on the floor in small square pockets-a surreal daily phenomenon that could move you to tears.  Maybe some days our body has to force us to sit still so we can see ordinary things more deeply.  Some days we are a burning ball of fire.  Some days we are shade.  So be it.


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