Sketch Sutra

If you think knitting takes patience, just try portrait drawing.   To my surprise repetition does morph the critic.  Along with repetition, the inspiring and uplifting spirit of my fellow students also act as a cushion and benevolent support system that is unbeatable.  This sketch was done with graphite pencils.  Tonight I am playing with charcoal and pastels.  The rest of the class is already on to painting, but I’m OK with where I am now.   There is not enough hours in the day!


3 responses to “Sketch Sutra

  • susan

    Lovely… so many talents! This brings up memories of foundations courses in art school twenty years ago. Oh, to have the feeling of charcoal, pastel and conte crayon on my fingers instead of mouse and keyboard. It would feel so foreign now.

  • del

    Oh, how beautiful! I only wish I could draw so well.

  • kateri

    I loved your work for Misty’s class so much I followed the path to your blog. I love it here! You have a beautiful sense of things. I am with you on the not rushing towards painting. I am so happy with graphite, charcoal and a bit of watercolour. I’m going to start a charcoal “reveal” drawing of a friend tonight. I can’t wait. By the way…I am knitter, too 🙂 I want to know more about the little knitted ‘bag’ of olivine kid mohair…

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