Where do you blog from?

This is the title of a blog series that caught my eye over at Said and Seen. I clicked on the tag at the bottom of a recent article and came up with all the posts from 2009 covering this topic along with wonderful pictures of desk tops and rooms where women blog.    I would like to blog from this desk; however, I usually  blog from bed.  It’s been hard on my back, so I would like to drop this habit.

There was something else I noticed while scrolling through the pictures of where other women write and blog.   Just about everyone had some type of “idea or inspiration board” near their desk.    It’s a little like a collage/vision/idea map.  Instantly a light turned on for me.  Year after year I come up with the same list of things I’d like to do, but they seem to get buried or forgotten under the business of everyday life.  I think a visual board would be the perfect catalyst to keep those ideas alive.

Starting today, January 6, 2010, I am drinking tea and blogging from a desk.  It feels better on my back.   So, if you’re willing to share, I’m curious..Where do you blog from?


4 responses to “Where do you blog from?

  • del

    Same here with the bed thing. But it’s easy for me with the laptop. Our old desktop is just too slow, although I love the desk part of it. Plus, I feel much more productive when I work at the desk.

  • meditationsnippets

    On an L-shaped desk made from three mahagony stained dining room table leaves left in my mother’s Minneapolis townhouse garage 15 years ago, fixed to a set of metal table legs from a garage sale in Tucson, Arizona, snug against a second honey stained maple table that my parents used in their Boston kitchen before I was born, with my legs pulled up unergonomically in an ergonomic Herman Miller chair, in a sunroom with my back against the windows facing South, is where I blog.

  • Gale

    From the table of what should be the dining room, and acts as Peter’s work area.

  • susan

    Ah, I would like to get back on the blogging pony, so this entry is inspiring. Life has moved into a gradual pace, and my brain is following suit.

    love the new blog theme! I have it set up for another blog idea that’s been bouncing around my head, but haven’t had the time to get started… i like the simplicity of it… and the colors!

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