SLS: Apples

The kitchen said, “Hello, it’s been soo long.  Thanksgiving has come and gone and…I miss you…..  Unfortunately I did not do much cooking this year.  Thanksgiving collided with a number of life dramas.  Mom had eye surgery earlier in the week and we have been busy moving things back home.  The idea of a home cooked Thanksgiving meal was just too overwhelming-so our meal was mostly store bought (eeek!)……Then the other day these apples were resting on the counter top -sunlight fell upon them “just so”   The image of a simple apple galette formed in the brain and I found a straight forward recipe at “Too Much Food”.  This is apple pie without the fuss and incredibly delicious.

Mom and I kicked back and ate a slice with a dollop of ice cream on top.  She helped me clear my head.  Mothers are precious.  Successful eye surgeries are precious.  Apples with buttery homemade crust are precious.  Sacred Sundays are awesome.


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