Rabbit Foot


What do you think?  Sometimes she looks  a little rabbit to me. She has inherited a number of love labels like Velcro Puddy, Little Horsey, Love Sponge and …….Rabbit Foot, but for the most part we  call her Sweetie.   On  mornings when I’m slow to rise, I often wake up to her big green eyes staring at me just like this.

Knitting has been put on hold for a while as we are getting ready to move back home.  Yay!   We decided to change the color of all the rooms to give ourselves a fresh start so….I’ve been sweating/obsessing over paint chips all week.  I LUV the results.    Disaster does have some benefits.  Only two more rooms to go!


5 responses to “Rabbit Foot

  • dawnsrays

    Woot, woot! Here’s to moving back home! sweetie does look like a rabbit here, how cool is that.

  • Gale

    Nice picture of Sweetie, and happy moving. It will be so wonderful to be back in your newly coloured space.

  • del

    It’s so hard for me to pick out paint colors. I don’t envy you, but I’m sure the end results will be beautiful.

    Sweetie is absolutely adorable.

  • Mo

    Such a gorgeous photo of Sweetie! Love the new website format. Do you have addit. photos of your knitted projects in ravelry or flicker? Your projects are so beautiful in the photo, I always want to see more pics.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Mo

    I love all pics with Sweetie in them! She is such a treasure.

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