Whirligig Shrug


My urban LYS (Knitch) has moved to a larger more convenient location.  I didn’t think this store could get any better, but my eyes widened as I walked in the door of the bright new shop.  There are large expansive windows gracing the front  and a spacious classroom area in the back where knitters gather.  New merchandize is coming in daily.  Of course this was an opportunity to go shopping for the new babies on my list.  I saw the perfect yarn for the Whirligig Shrug, a baby knit, featured in Interweave Knits’ 2009 Weekend Magazine.   There are two good things about this sweater:

1. It’s knit from the top down and there are no seams.  (I am really appreciating this after setting in those teeny tiny sleeves for Jessica.)

2. Once it’s on, the babies cannot figure out how to take it off. Hah!

Whirligig is shown in one solid color, but I thought it would be nice to do the collar in a contrasting green.  The yarn is a silk/linen blend called Sonora by Nashua Handknits.


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