Knitting Samadhi



Jessica is almost finished.  It’s just a matter of hours.  It is this time period-the last few hours or days of a knitting project when the “shift” occurs.

I often do a few rows of knitting before falling asleep at night and place the work in progress on the nightstand.  The next day after saying my good mornings to hubby and Sweetie, it is the next “first” thing that I see when I wake up.  It is the first thing I touch and contemplate: “Just a few rows before the day begins”

Equiped with a full night’s sleep, I’m really ready to knit up a storm.  Before I know it, I have knit my way through-eating breakfast time- meditation time – yoga time- getting dressed for work  time….  The 2 row quota has burgeoned into 4 rows, then 6, then….  The hot cup of coffee hubby brought me has grown cold.  I glance at the clock and panic-almost late for work if I don’t move NOW, but I’m almost finished too!  Sweetie sits on the knitting the minute I leave it unattended.  No eat. No drink.  Knitting samadhi.


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