SLS: The First Wondrous Place



“According to Buddhist mythology, the human world has 8 wondrous places that give us protection.  The first is a place where everyone is illuminated by a golden light.  This golden light supports all sentient beings and helps them to grow and mature under all circumstances.  For the past ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years, how many troubles have you experienced?  Countless troubles.  But still, you’re alive.  How? You don’t know.  …..You have been protected and nurtured by many things–your parents, your teachers, your friends, and more.  All this time, your life has been supported.  You have been illumined by a golden light that constantly shines, and constantly helps you.”

Danin Katagiri


This Sunday I am reflecting on this wonderful place of protection.  I don’t think any of us, no matter how hard or how easy our lives have been, would have to think too long to discover the beautiful light that embraces and supports their life.

So many people have extended kindness and generosity in response to our current circumstances.  We feel supported by the universe-supported by this golden light.  It is possible that we may move back into our home some time within the next 2 weeks.  My heart is filled with graciousness and thanksgiving.



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