The Seeds of a Shepherd


It took a few days before I found them.  Every time I passed their abode, it was empty.  They had gone out to the fields to graze.  Why was I looking for the sheep?  The short obvious answer would be, because I spend quite a bit of time playing with yarn.   The more complex answer that I’m shy about disclosing is to “feel myself among them.”   The seed of a shepherd lives within me.  It is a whispering call, but it is a calling no less.  In this life it exists in shadow form taking me to knitting stores, spinning wheels and eventually to sheep farms.

I have many dreams.  I don’t know where they come from and many require a great many lives to fulfill in a dignified manner.  I feel them like tiny flames in my heart or light whisperings in my ear.   What far out thing whispers lightly in your ear? ….


3 responses to “The Seeds of a Shepherd

  • Gale

    It would be nice to say something profound to correspond with the nature of this post, but I am the kind of woman that got kicked out of karate because I laughed anytime anyone tried to get serious about it with me. In any case, I am just trying to say that I love this post. Keep writing Kat.

  • Dagný

    I am being torn apart by two paths that feel like “callings” to me these days. One path is to pursue a career in biology and hone my knowledge in that field. This path speaks to my analytical side, the side that always wants to know how things work and marvel in the complexity of the world.
    The other path is the one my creative and visual side is attracted to, and that is to study design or art of some sort and hopefully incorporate knitting into that field. I’m hoping I can fit both of those paths into my life in some way. 🙂

  • del

    I don’t know that I could say without feeling ridiculous. Let’s just say it has to do with writing a book. 🙂

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