On top of the house flooding, my wallet was stolen last week and I completely ruined my favorite bag by spilling berry juice on it.  They say it comes in threes.  Everything else has changed, so…. Why not create a little change on my own terms?  Why not let Sweetie drink her cat milk treat on the window sill instead of her placemat?….Why not play around with a new template on the blog?


2 responses to “Change

  • dawnsrays

    Change on your own terms, I like that A LOT!
    Sorry to hear about the wallet AND the bag. Good grief.
    Sweetie seems to approve of the change but then again, we could learn a lot from our animals. Here is to a better up coming week.

  • del

    I’m a big believer in the 3-thing, too. Hopefully, from here on out, it’s just UP UP UP.

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