Liquid Life


You know how it is….  When you are in your own home, lying around on your own floor and sleeping like nobody’s watching?   All of us are homesick and counting down the days, but we are also discovering great benefits in the situation.  Sweetie has finally come out from under the bed, decided to make friends with my mother and is spending her days basking in the light of the sun room.  I am enjoying more open ‘down time’ with my mother.  Our time together is usually squashed in between doctor appointments and life errands.  I’ve also found a nearby zendo that holds Wednesday night book readings and meditation.   There are up days and down days. Life still feels very liquid, but in a strange way we are adjusting to the ground shifting under our feet.


2 responses to “Liquid Life

  • dawnsrays

    I am glad that you are making the most of this quality time with your mom. Hopefully you all will be back where you call home in the blink of an eye. Your kitty picture is about the cutest and most relaxing photo. It’s all good;)

  • del

    Can that photo be any cuter? No, I think not.

    I’m glad you’re getting down time with your mom.

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