Baby knitting has put on hold for a while to attend to an emergency project.  I hardly ever use the word emergency in conjunction with knitting and have never knitted with a deadline in mind, but “things happen”.  Not too long ago a friend of my sister gave a small cocktail party to help us promote a new cottage jewelry business.  It was very successful and gave us the confidence to develop the business further.   My sister is still making and selling jewelry (more about that later), but I sort of fell off the wagon.

This friend is currently sitting on a committee to promote a new dance company and wants to hold a fund raising auction.  She asked me if I would make something to put up for auction.  Of course I jumped at the chance to return the generosity she so easily extended to my sister and I.  Time is short.  The first thing I thought of was the smaller version (shoulderette) of the Aeolian Shawl.   I can’t believe this is the second project this year in which I knitted the same pattern twice.  Never say never.


The gun-metal colored seed beads have a hint of purple in them (hard to see in the photos).  They look good against the charcoal grey yarn.


It feels a little bit like a marathon, but it’s not that bad.  This a simple pattern that yields beautiful results.  Despite the beading, it also lends itself to a comforting rhythm that makes it a pleasure to take on once more.


Yarn: Lace weight Bamboo by Habu Textiles

Needles: size 2

Beads: Size 8 round seed beads


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