Book of Moments

“One minute we were laughing, the next, large tears welled up in her eyes, but she did not let them drop.  They sat in a precarious balance on the bottom rims of her eyelids like a large clear ocean.” …..from The Book Of Moments


“This is “space -as -it -is.”   How do we awaken to this?  Just pariticapte in the flow of this moment as it is.  Just open your heart.”

….Katagiri Roshi

I’ve been keeping a variety of electronic journals for specific trains of thought, for example….Book of Aspirations,  Things my Father Taught Me (a memory keeper and a gathering place for the wisdom I received from my parents), Book of Wisdom (quotes of dharma and scriptures), Book of Dreams (for significant night dreams) etc, but the one that gets the most attention is The Book of Moments in which the entries are whittled down into one or two sentences.  As I go back and read past entries, they remind me of haiku poetry, not in rhythm, but in essence.  It makes me more attuned to the passing moments of the day and gives me a storage place to capture the raw beauty and mystery of life as we know it.


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