In the foreground is Jessica from Nashua Handknits (Ravelry link) It is for one of many women I’m currently acquainted with who are expecting.  Can you see my little racoon friend in the background?  That’s Sweetie.  I love it when she sneaks in on photo shoots.  She’s currently a little shell shocked from recent events, but things are slowly on the mend.

Just for a change of pace, I started out with the sleeves instead of the main body piece.  Its been a while since I’ve knitted an actual garment with seams and armholes etc, so I decided  to try out a few different techniques, like using japanese short rows for neck and armhole shaping.   I’m also practicing continental stitching (holding the yarn in the left hand).  I was taught to knit holding the yarn in my right hand.  Holding the yarn in the left hand (for continental stitching) feels a little awkward, but may be more conducive to a stitch pattern with alternating purl and knit stitches or color knitting.  I am hoping to feel more comfortable with this technique by the end of this project.


Yarn: Rowan Pure Life Organic DK Cotton

Needles:  Size 2


2 responses to “Jessica

  • Mo

    So sorry to hear about the flood and water damage. The new knitting project looks great.

    It’s always a pleasure to see Sweetie on the blog.

  • del

    I had no idea you’d moved! So glad you commented at my blog so I could find you again. I absolutely love these photos.

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