It is impossible to look down this path and not be tempted to follow it into the dark woods beyond.  This was just one of the many temptations I was faced with this weekend at Serenbe (Serenity Being).  Serenbe is a farm, a bed and breakfast and a community village of artisans, merchants and farmers.  The community’s goal is to be self sustaining, procuring their produce from the nearby farms and preserving as much of the land as possible.  Housing is connected by a network of hiking trails and green spaces.  It is a beautiful place to live, work and visit.



I woke up in the morning to the view of cows grazing and walked by a group of staring sheep on my way to breakfast.  I discovered how much I am fascinated by the no language between humans and animals and how their  wild nature calls us back to the earth.


I discovered how my eyes long for expansive open landscapes, how natural beauty is essential to our well being-a fuel for the creative spirit.



…..and I am counting the days when I can go back again.


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