Tropical storm Bill spun up the east coast and left us with terrifying thunderstorms last night…..but this morning?  Ahhh..the suffocating humidity has lifted a little bit.   I can finally breathe and the yarn is moving through my dry fingers with ease.


The Stitches South convention opened right on the heels of my first weaving class.  Wandering through the isles, I came across a booth with a jewel like display of hand-dyed yarns by Henceforth, an independent dyer and weaver from North Carolina.  Don’t pass up a visit to her website, which not only has an interesting display of yarn in various textures and colors, but also a gallery of beautiful handwoven garments ( the woven shibori wraps are breathtaking!).  I shamelessly stared at the walls for an hour trying to decide which color to buy and ended up purchasing a stone colored neutral and a subtle, yet poignant red.



The yarn is 100% spun silk, lace weight and comes in a generous 985 yard skein.  Once again I ventured into Victorian Lace Today and cast on the Scarf with Striped Border 1890. This is probably one of the easiest patterns in the book.  It is a nice respite after Aeolian and it’s moving along pretty fast.  I’m almost half way through already.



2 responses to “Henceforth

  • dawnsrays

    I am so glad Bill finally went on his merry way! yesterday was so cool and humid free here, I was giddy with excitement. The heavy air of last week was oppressive.
    Your lace is coming along quite rapidly! how lovely that silk yarn must feel to work with.

    I often wonder what people must think of the knitter that is enthralled by color. I take forever in selecting yarns and most of the time it is the color that really is the pivotal factor.

    Knit on, my friend!

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