Every hand-knitted garment is a story and has the feeling tone of a closed book swollen with images.




In the beginning it is only our voice, our vision, our intention.     The end result is a dialogue between the soul life of the fiber and the soul life of the knitter.     




The first VLT Spider Web fichu (ravelry link) was a gift for my cousin which I gave away before I could photograph the final result.  I liked it so much, i had to make one for myself.   There are two things I was unable to capture with the camera: 


1. The wonderful way it catches the light and casts off a rich quiet shimmer 


2.  The organic texture of the bamboo and the undyed portion of pure bison and cashmere fibers.  All three work together to create shaded variances similar to a weathered stone wall.  


This is the most brilliant yarn I’ve ever worked with in my entire life-a true sleeping beauty and Mooi (pretty) is a perfect name for it.  The price tag is hefty, but if you are thinking of making something special for someone you love, it will reward you handsomely. 




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