Juice Miracles



I’ve been missing something.

My diet is fairly healthy

lots of fruit and vegetables


I was missing something 

my body was sluggish 

I was dragging through the day

…..then my sister suggested Arden’s Gardens juice-

8 pounds of fresh  vegetables and fruit in every jug




Its been about a month now.  

I wake up feeling more alert with a full bank of energy to take on the challenges of the day

My nails are stronger.

Sweet/salty cravings have disappeared-

along with peri-menopausal facial dry patches 

and when I get on the yoga mat

I really feel like doing yoga

 It’s amazing what a little juice will do.


3 responses to “Juice Miracles

  • dawnsrays

    That is amazing! No Arden’s around here I’m afraid. I have my own juicer but frankly who wants to clean up the mess — much nicer to have it already done for you;)

  • Tammie

    yum, i have just switched up my food intake to basically one meal a day = salad and fish and lots of lemon and water and veggie juice with an apple or bee pollen if I am hungry. Just for a while….

    Your juice intrigues me.
    What is your recipe? Is it different every time?

    Thanks for dropping me a note.

  • frillbow

    yes but what does it taste like? 😀

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