Who knows how or why we fall in and out of love with a certain color

 A large span of my life has been spent  always reaching for 

purple crayons

purple paint

lavender herbs

amethyst crystals

“only the dark purple petunias, please”

violets and trailing lobelia….




Then suddenly all the purple picking stopped or so I thought it did…

 Amethyst crystals still live under my massage table 

and I bought lavender/mint tea the other day because of the pretty purple box 

and it’s nice to see purple on the needles again.



5 responses to “Purple

  • Gale

    That is such a beautiful picture.

  • dawnsrays

    I can’t get enough of purple. . . that is the color of the moment for me (although it is my favorite so it is always on the menu I guess.)

  • Tammie

    Sweet post. I love purple too. My mother really loved purple.
    You have a wonderful style with your photography.

  • frillbow

    Oh my goodness! The purple and the beads are beautiful.

  • Dagný

    Wondeful post! I’ve always been strangely attracted to purples and violets, those colours really represent joy and bubbliness to me, along with mystery and creativity. 🙂

    Thank you for the well wishes, my knee feels a lot better now and I’m slowly putting more and more weight on it. At least I have lots of time for knitting!

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