Lions and Tigers and….Oh my!

Friends are like portals into different worlds.  

The more diverse they are,

the more diverse you become.  

I have found myself in strange places,

due to friendships I’ve developed with people

who live different lifestyles from my own.  

For example:

 You would never catch me within 2 feet of a Rottweiler.  

Don’t care for big dogs.  

I wasn’t even sure how to spell Rottweiler,

until a friend asked me to care for her “baby” over the weekend






She’s a pretty tough looking “baby”,

but if you look into her eyes

you can see

she really has a gentle soul.  

Pits and Rottweilers always get a bad wrap on the nightly news.  

I have total respect for the wild side of these creatures

but I never had any inkling

of how sweet they can be.



“Close both eyes and

to see with the other eye”



5 responses to “Lions and Tigers and….Oh my!

  • Jamie

    What sweetness, strength and beauty.

    I love your perspective of diverse friends opening us up. I’ve heard travel referred to in this way, but I think you’re on to something amazing about relationships. Thank you!

  • Gale

    Did you enjoy the babysitting gig? That dog’s sweet nature probably says a lot about your friends loving spirit.

  • dawnsrays

    I love me some big dogs! the bigger and “badder” the better. I totally agree with the diverse nature of friends bringing us into broader landscapes of ourselves. It is only when we choose to see beyond our boarders that we understand what we are truly a part of.
    Pat the dog for me;)

  • Dagný

    Ahhh, I am so fascinated by Rottweilers… my dream dog! And it makes me feel so sad how those big and powerful breeds keep getting labeled as mindless killers. I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan lately and he has one of the most amazingly sweet and well behaved dogs I’ve ever seen; Daddy the pit bull!

    He is doing such good work in America, spreading the word about pit bulls and how wonderful they can be. 🙂 Pit bulls are illegal here in Iceland as in many other countries, all because of badly supported rumors.

    Give that sweet sweet dog kisses from me!

  • frillbow

    I think when you’ve managed to capture the sweetness of a Rottweiler in a photograph you really know what you’re doing with a camera. Love that second shot.

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