Cousin’s Day

There was a wall of decorative paper from China India and Tibet.


Beautiful hand dyed ribbons.


My sister was in heaven.


It was very hard not to come out of the wallet here.



4 responses to “Cousin’s Day

  • beverly

    you take wonderful pictures even on the go…man, if i didn’t like you so much, i’d enjoy not liking you. glad you had a great time in atlanta with your cousin’s day. it sounds like a wonderful ritual and somehow, the snow just makes it more special and memorable.

  • Genie Sea

    Cousins Day sounds like absolute, delightful fun! 🙂 Snow or no snow. 🙂

  • frillbow

    that paper store looks like heaven! Love the navy and white patterned paper.

  • dawnsrays

    So glad you had a great time with your family and in the snow! what a great surprise for you all. I would have been in heaven in that store as well. I love all things paper, pen, scissors, etc! I haven’t picked up a calligraphy pen in years but I use to do it quite often. Maybe I should revive it…
    I am so glad to hear that you are making that shawl for yourself now. You deserves something so gorgeous, too!

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