Life seems that much better when a knitting project is going well.

Ironically when things go wrong with my life, eerily, things simultaneously go wrong with my knitting and 

everything feels like a major mess up.

However, lace is another story….

….. lace has always been major drama for me at some point along the way.

I call it my “gentle torture”




For this one, I thought the drama would start with the knitted on border (a first for me).  

But no, the initial awkwardness dissipated about 2 repeats in and the knitting

has taken on the same soothing rhythm as the main body.



The border does go slow, but I don’t care.  I find peace in every stitch and I’m amazed at

the way these interlocking loops

and circles create such a beautiful pattern.

There is just enough variation to keep me awake

and just enough repetition to induce a meditative mind state.






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