Ordinary Days


I thought about silver, but that was too expensive. 

79 beads are needed for the border.

Then I saw these two.





One is an Amber shell bead and the other?….dunno…one of those unlabelled strands, 

but it looks like African Turquoise-a soft sage color with brown and black spider thin veins running through it. 

I couldn’t choose between them, so I decided to use both alternately.  




They will dangle from the edge of the lace border, which is “knitted on”.

 I have no clue how to knit on a lace border, but it’s getting close (only one more repeat to go), so its time to do the research.  









This is going FAST, but the rows are getting very looong.    

The foggy gray drearies have cleared out and there is a good deal of bright sunlight streaming through the window.

You could say I am ready to start an ordinary day of knitting, but there are no ordinary days 

My readings today say this:


There is no ordinary breath or heartbeat;

there is no ordinary force of gravity;

there is no ordinary birth or death.  

Natural, yes

–but never ordinary…..

Nothing in your life is ordinary

…..from Sweeping Changes by Gary Thorp






3 responses to “Ordinary Days

  • Genie

    So delicate and intricate. I love the choice of beads. I am looking forward to seeing the end product. I love your photography. The way it uses light. It’s gentle yet crisp.

  • frillbow

    Eek! Knitted on borders. Haven’t tried this technique yet because it scares the life out of me!

  • katnap


    I have to admit that the knitted on borders were scaring me away from this pattern, but I plunged ahead anyway. In the end, it really wasn’t that bad.

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