I consider this progress……

The loom I bought “at a steal” one excruciatingly hot summer day

oh about maybe 13 years ago?


……..its out of the plastic wrap

after  a long life of sitting dormant in garages and storage bins

it is now

sitting on my work table!

the place where things actually get done!

I have assembled the warping board-just needs to be hung on the wall.


the bobbin winder and shuttles have been found at the bottom of moving boxes and shopping bags….



…..and a raw silk variagated yarn I hope to weave into something one day…




and I’m finally in a weaving class

that’s progress!




2 responses to “Progress

  • Dagný

    I just read the first three post on your new blog! 🙂 I absolutely love your photographs, and your cat is so incredibly cute(almost as cute as mine… haha!). The shawl/scarf you’re knitting looks like a dream, I love how the yarn looks so natural and rustic. I’ve made myself promise not to cast on a new project until I finish that Trellis sweater… and now it’s even harder not to cast on that shawl I’ve had in my queue with the wonderfully rough Icelandic laceweight I’ve got stashed away.

    I am also very jealous of you, that is a beautiful teapot you got there! I have six pots myself but it never seems enough. 😉

  • Caroline

    Your photos are so simple…yet breathtaking. I love the quite peace they bring.

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