A Lesson in Modesty


This yarn is not boastful.  It has a soft quiet beauty.

At times it looks like dingy oatmeal

At other times like the variations of gray pebbles on a rocky beach

 but when the right angle of light finds its presence,

it will whisper in a barely audible voice, “I’m beautiful.”

A work of art

someone’s vision 

an abject lesson in modesty


Today I cast on  Victorian Lace”s Spider’s web shawl.  It comes in 3 sizes: a dramatic full hexagon, half hexagon, and a scarf size-fichu.  I only have enough yarn for Fichu. Beads are worked into the  lace border for the smaller version, but I have not picked them out yet.  

This is another one that is classified as “intermediate”, but so far its been a breeze-no drama.

It was warmer than usual for a January day.  The afternoon gave way to a golden light reminding me of summer. 

Its been a while.  

I miss knitting

I miss the evening light of summer

I was blessed with having both today 



Here’s another soft quiet beauty, that has been vigilantly watching my slow beginnings

sitting on the book chart when I’m not looking

being the most incredible love sponge in the whole world




And finally, here is something I read today……….

The shortest distance in the world is the one between you and yourself.  

The space in question is tiny.  

Yet what goes on in this little space determines nearly everything

about the kind of person you are and about the kind of life you are living…….. John O’Donohue






2 responses to “A Lesson in Modesty

  • dawnsrays

    I loved John’s book “Anam Cara” I read it years and years ago, it is probably time for a re-read. That is a gorgeous pattern and a gorgeous yarn, to boot. I am really loving earth tones at the moment. Muted, non flashy. It may be the subdued weather we have been having here in Tennessee.
    Your cat is most beautimuss! That last picture is a killer!
    Happy weekend!

  • del

    I so want to steal your kitty!

    That yarn color is so quiet and elegant. I know the shawl is going to be splendid.

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